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Here are some of my articles, blogs, interviews etc.

Blogposts for Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM)

Airport-linked special economic zones, aerotropolis projects and the race to the bottom

Global Tax Justice at a Crossroads conference, City, University of London, 5-6th July 2017

Report: Airport Expansion in Indonesia: tourism, land struggles, economic zones and aerotropolis projects. 

A 64-page report published jointly by TWN Third World Network and Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM). A massive aviation expansion drive in Indonesia is closely intertwined with schemes for tourism growth and many projects are beset with land struggles. Several airport projects are linked with Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and a number are part of broader plans for aerotropolis-stye development. The report contains maps showing the location of airport projects - preparation, under construction and planned - and two of the airport sites - Kertajati and Tanjung Lesung.

April 2017: I developed the content for a digital map, Aviation Expansion in Indonesia: tourism, land struggles, economic zones and aerotropolis projects. The interactive map includes information about 60 airports, operational, under construction and proposed. Maps are integrated with satellite imagery, photos and text.

Upping the ante aero

New Internationalist, April 2016

Nigerian farmers win High Court Victory in fight against Ekiti airport

The Ecologist, 8 April 2016

GAAM Aerotropolis Update, No 2, November 2015

Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM)

Rise of the Aerotropolis

Third World Resurgence, September/October 2015

The Ecologist, 16 Dec 2014

Taiwan: residents resist forced eviction for 'Aerotropolis' megaproject

The Ecologist, 18 August 2014

Airports' global bird slaughter - 100,000s gassed, shot, poisoned

WDM (World Development Movement) blog, 18 July 2014

Aviation biofuels: Debunking the greenwash

Progressive Radio Network is a brilliant non-commercial alternative to corporate controlled media. I was interviewed on the Political Analysis Show with Steve Horn on 10th July 2014.

WDM (World Development Movement) blog, 20 June 2014

Victory for campaign against airport in Aranmula

The Ecologist, April 2014

Book Review: Beyond Flying: Rethinking air travel in a globally connected world

The Ecologist, Feb 2014

Manchester Airport - the concrete shadow spreads

The Ecologist, Nov 2013

India - people resist airport land grabs

Green Economics Institute

Articles in book, The Green Transport Revolution, Oct 2013

My letter in support of the Save Anakkara Forum, in Kerala, fighting against a greenfield airport on prime farmland

To Save Anakkara

UECNA (European Union Against Aircraft Nuisances)

No austerity for Serbia's flag carrier

EU funds for Modlin and secondary airports in Poland

European governments bail out national airlines

SEMA (Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport)

Manchester Airport is the UK's largest airport outside the London region. I contribute to this blog opposing expansion onto greenbelt land.

Pigs can fly, hundreds of them

Manchester Airport, its not for the birds

ID trials go awry

Manchester Airport to become 'mini-city'

Green building for Concorde

Jellied Eel Magazine, August 2007

Freshly flown in?