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Review, Plane Stupid

Easily one of the most comprehensive reviews of aviations impact on the environment, 'Plane Truth' has all the facts required to destroy the aviation industry's arguments for expansion. Author Rose Bridger is clear that we... read more

Review, Peace News

Rose Bridger has written a book on aviation quite unlike any other. In its scope, it is unique.

It ranges from the technical details of aircraft to the impact of new greenfield airports on poor farmers in India, from biofuels to aerotropolises.

Plane Truth is a book for activists. Bridger doesn’t hide where she is coming from. It is written from the perspective of an environmentalist: somebody who is concerned about the trafficking of arms across the world, who has little sympathy with international corporations... read more

Review, Post Mag

Rose Bridger makes the case for an end to Government subsidies for an environmentally destructive industry

In Plane Truth Rose Bridger sets out the case against the continuous expansion of the aviation industry, examining the impact aviation has on both people and the environment. Bridger argues that a transition to a more sustainable transportation system is necessary, as the damage wrought by the aviation industry on the environment is undeniable and of such an enormous scale... read more

Review, Steve Hanson, New Cross Review of Books

This book provides a critique of an aviation industry which is enmeshed with ‘the globalisation of manufacturing’ and ‘extreme oil projects’. Bridger’s book is a great resource for both activists and concerned citizens.

Air travel is of course ‘international’ by its very nature, but its hubs are locally-specific. This means different conditions for passengers, for instance, ‘citizens of Africa fly the least’, but ‘the accident rate is appalling’. It also means that the ground-level opposition to massive air infrastructure projects have different levels of resistance, from both sides, in different nation states... read more

Chris Watson, author Beyond Flying

"Plane Truth" gives an extraordinary account of the back stage of the aviation industry and its effects on passengers, airport neighbours and our environment…Bridger shows that myths about bio-fuel, carbon neutral flights and solar powered airports are as plausible as hovering tooth fairies and flying pigs… The narrative moves along quickly and it proves a great story. Whilst Bridger does not single out a villain, she gives thinking people sound reason to take the train or use video conferencing until airlines can offer real flights without CO2 emissions.

John Stewart, Chair of Airport Watch

'It is good to have a book packed with detail about aviation, but not written from an industry perspective. Rose Bridger has produced such a book.'

Derek Wall, International Co-ordinator, Green Party of England and Wales

'Plane Truth is an essential read for all of us who care about the environment and future generations. Flying has become as natural to most people in countries like the UK and USA as having breakfast or listening to music. It is easy to forget that flying is helping through climate change emissions and other forms of pollution to destroy our world. The air industry is a huge lobby but Rose Bridger has produced a book that punctures their dangerous lies.'

Miriam Kennet, Founder and Director of the Green Economics Institute

'Rose Bridger's research is at the cutting edge of understanding new perspectives which I use to inform myself when I want to develop new insights into Green Economics. Plane Truth provides a valuable analysis of the role of the industry in the world economy that is second to none. This is a massively helpful contribution to the literature on aviation, and industry in general, giving valuable insight into how we all end up paying for the follies of large industrial concerns and networks. The cost to all of us of this industry is substantial and hitherto little understood.

This ground breaking book shows how it really works,how we are all paying the cost, and a small minority are reaping the benefit. She exposes the narratives used to justify airport expansion, which include “greenwash” and technological innovation which fails to address the real impacts. Rose’s words carry real gravitas in this debate. Don’t miss this timely and vital book as climate extremes and instability start to impact all of us. Rose exposes the truth - make sure you read it in this vital book!'

Dr. Liz Mason, Teaching Fellow in International Business, Leeds University

'Plane Truth is unique. It is truly comprehensive in its global perspective and illustrates the stark reality of the impact of the rapid growth in aviation. It highlights the sustained and damaging effect that aviation has on our environment, the lives of individuals and whole communities. Plane Truth is based on extensive research by the author who has a deep and genuine concern for the impact that globalisation has on our planet. It is a fascinating and extremely insightful narrative.'

Professor Victor Anderson, Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University

'There is a lot more at stake in arguments about aviation than appears at first sight. This book is a guide to the wider issues: how airports shape food supply, international trade flows, government bailouts, and the future of the climate.'

Geoff Tansey, writer, Joseph Rowntree Visionary for a Just and Peaceful World, Trustee of Food Ethics Council

'A treasure trove that will shock and surprise with much jaw dropping material about the rapidly expanding and much subsidised world of airports, air travel and freight and their impact on climate change, biofuel demand, and much more.'

Brendon Sewill, author of Tangled Wings: Gatwick seen thorough green-tinted glasses and chair of the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign since 1990

'A veritable vade mecum of the sins of the aviation industry, with the references all lined up standing at attention. Indeed if the aviation bosses were in court with you as the prosecuting counsel, they would all receive long terms in prison. Hurrah!'